Introducing a Cart Worthy of the Prusa

Its been almost a year since first starting to design a 3D printer cart, and it's gone through several iterations and prototypes.  The project has morphed into something simpler, and yet more versatile.  The advantage of making things with 20x20 aluminum extrusion is how easy it is to customize, so we removed the sides to give access to the 20x20 slots, and added 3D designs for spool storage, glue stick cup, tool holder, power supply mount, etc. When combined with the thousands of 3D models for 20x20 on the internet you'll be able to customize the cart to be whatever you need it to be.

The first model to ship will be for small printers such as the Prusa MK3, Prusa Mini, Ender 3, etc.  The frame is constructed out of 20x20 aluminum extrusion, while the shelves are 6mm aluminum composite.

For you Prusa MMU2S customers who've struggled to find a place to store all of the parts and filament rolls, we've designed a layout so that everything including the filament detangler will fit on a single cart!  

3D Printer Cart for Prusa MMU

For more information check out the separate blog post on the Prusa MMU2 version of the cart.