Our Story

I'd been keeping three 3D printers busy nearly 24/7 for a while and aside from the noise, it didn't bother me. But when a significant other moved into the house she noticed right away: the smell of plastic permeated everything, and the long term effects of breathing in plastic fumes regularly can't be good, especially on kids.  

Since enclosures can both reduce fumes and help you make better prints, the answer was a win-win for everyone. But once you automate making three, its easy to make more, so I bought a few extra sheets of acrylic and wood and put up a website.

I realize there are lots of DIY enclosure projects out there, and people build their own all of the time.  In keeping with that spirit many of my designs are also available on Thingiverse, so if you want to build it yourself, go right ahead. 

But for those of you who would rather be 3D printing than figuring out how to make a DIY enclosure out of Ikea parts, these kits are beautiful, furniture grade, easy-to-assemble 3D printer enclosures and accessories.  

For not much more than the price of buying the materials you can have a beautifully designed enclosure that you're proud to own wether its in your living room or the garage.