Prusa MMU2S Multi-Material 3D Printer Cart

Note:  This product has been discontinued in favor of the new MMU enclosure. Unfortunately the new enclosure won't fit on this cart so we're redesigning a new cart expected in Q2 2021.

The most common question customers of our Prusa MMU2S multi-material enclosure ask is where to put all of the stuff that comes with it: a filament detangler and five spool holders.   In a sense, there's no difference between an enclosed MMU2S Prusa and one that's not enclosed.  You still have to lay the spool holders out horizontally, which takes up a lot of real estate space.

For businesses and schools which don't have time for a DIY solution we now offer a version of our 3D printer cart with a custom holder for the filament detangler.  The filament detangler holder and spool holders fit on any 20x20 aluminum extrusion and are available on Thingiverse. 

Prusa MMU2S Custom Cart and Enclosure