FT-5 Filament Guide (Reverse Bowden) Kit
FT-5 Filament Guide (Reverse Bowden) Kit
FT-5 Filament Guide (Reverse Bowden) Kit

FT-5 Filament Guide (Reverse Bowden) Kit

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Folgertech is out of business so the FT-5 enclosure and accessories have now been discontinued.

The good news is the plans for the 3D printer enclosure kit are available on Thingiverse so you can make it yourself!

A filament guide is the right option for a stock FT-5 printer because it ensures the filament gets to the extruder without any kinks or obstacles.  It was designed to minimize the interference of your 3D printer enclosure.  

This option for FT-5 enclosure consists of two parts:  an external mount to guide filament into the PTFE tube, and a mount for the extruder to guide the filament out of the PTFE.  It ships for free as an optional configuration for the FT-5 enclosure, but is also listed her separately in case you want to switch from a Bowden back to direct drive.

The external brass fitting is mounted in the best position to reduce the amount of PTFE tube required, using an optimal center placement that sends the tube into the enclosure at exactly the right angle.  The slot in the external mount matches the same slot in the FT-5 enclosure kit, and is designed to allow the tube to easily keep a gentle, low friction angle as the hot-end goes to the extremes of the print bed.  

The internal brass fitting mounts right above the extruder, and insures the filament gets into the extruder with no binds or kinds.  The high quality brass fittings at both ends insure the mounts won't wear out.  


  • External reverse bowden mount 3D printed in black ABS.
  • Internal reverse bowden extruder mount printed in black ABS.  Fits stock FT-5 extruder mount. 
  • High quality brass PTFE fittings for both ends.
  • PTFE tube of the right length

DIY Corner

Want to print it yourself?  You can find it on Thingiverse. Its free for non-commercial use:

If you like it, it would be a big help if you could post a link to this website, thanks!