FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
Optional 3D Titan Bowden and mounting sold separately
Optional charcoal filter kit sold separately
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
If your hot end is stock, choose the reverse Bowden option
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
By default the fan/filter access port is covered
FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit

FT-5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit

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Folgertech is out of business so the FT-5 enclosure and accessories have now been discontinued.

The good news is the plans for this 3D printer enclosure kit are available on Thingiverse so you can make it yourself!

The Folgertech FT-5 is a large bed printer that can deliver high-quality prints. However, print quality can be affected by temperature fluctuations, as with all 3D printers without an enclosure.  

Our enclosures are made from premium materials: thick, high quality acrylic to fit precisely on a FT-5 printer. Importantly, the panels fit inside the 20x20 rails so accessories can still be mounted on both the interior and exterior of the rails while providing maintenance access through the front doors and removable top. 

Adding a 3D•Upfitters 140 piece enclosure provides many benefits:

  • More flexibility to print different types of filaments, including ABS
  • Better quality prints because the ambient temperature is controlled
  • Fume filter to reduce smell or vent to the outside
  • Sturdy, high-grade doors that allow easy access to the printer bed
  • Quieter prints


  • Front lower 1/4" acrylic panel with frame, doors, injection molded hinges, magnetic latch, custom designed latch mount in ABS, steel strike plates, neoprene rubber trim, and matching screws. These doors are thick and will withstand many years of heavy use and still look good.
  • Upper front 1/4" acrylic panel with frame, doors, magnetic latch (1), custom designed latch mount printed in ABS, steel strike plates (2), neoprene rubber trim, and matching screws.
  • Lower left side 1/8" acrylic with access port for the power supply.
  • Lower right side 1/8" acrylic with access port for the USB cable.
  • Top side 1/8" acrylic with access slit for filament.
  • 1/8" acrylic for the back (2), including a pre-cut hole for fans or filters.  
  • Top 1/8" acrylic designed to attach to the top of the 20x20 panels via t-nuts for easy access while still letting minimal heat to escape.
  • 5V 80x80mm fan.  (3D print a cover if you don't wish to vent.)


 Add-ons Sold Separately


The kit is designed for the stock FolgerTech FT-5 R2 configuration.  If you've customized your setup with parts that block a panel it is easy to cut the acrylic to fit as shown in the pictures.  The R2 easily is made compatible with R1 by you by making two simple cuts.  

How its Built

The front is cut on a large format laser printer, while the rest of the panels are cut on a 4x8' CNC and then flat packed for your assembly.  All of the plastic parts are 3D printed in ABS to withstand the heat from the enclosure, printed as much as possible on the Fusion3D F400, but also on upgraded FT-5 and CR-10 printers. All you need for assembly is just a hex wrench and a small philips head screwdriver.  (not included.)

As Pictured

The real-life photo shows the optional acrylic spool holder, the Titan Bowden mount, external venting system, and steel knob upgrades.  The external parts have also been moved to the opposite side.  Other renderings show options such as the spool holder or filter, which you either have to print yourself, or can be purchased separately.

Installation Manual

 Note: 3D•Upfitters is not associated with Folgertech.