LED Light Strip for 3D Printers
LED Light Strip for 3D Printers

LED Light Strip for 3D Printers

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There's nothing like being able to see your 3D print clearly as its being created.  We've tried positioning desk lamps, and bought floor lamps, but nothing works as well as LED lights on the printer or inside the enclosure.

LEDs are hot right now and you can find them for sale all over the internet.  We tried a half-dozen before setting on this model as being perfect for 3D printers.

  • The 2m length is long enough for even the largest printer.
  • The width of the strip fits perfectly inside 20/20 rails
  • It has an extra-long USB-A power cable powered by any USB power supply. (Power supply not included.
  • Attach to your printer using one of the hundreds of free designs available on Thingiverse and elsewhere.  Because of the heat inside an enclosure, we do not recommend using adhesive to secure the LEDs. 

While the lights are only available in white, that is the perfect color for keeping tabs on your prints.  While it seems cool to try green or red, alternative colors quickly get old and make it difficult to see your prints. 

Note again that this is just a light strip you can purchase anywhere on the internet.  It does not come with a custom attachment for your 3D printer.  There are hundreds of free designs out there, so check those out and pick something that looks good and give it a try