Carbon Filter Replacement Cartridge

Carbon Filter Replacement Cartridge

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This product is a replacement carbon air filter for the new Carbon Air Filter 2.0 design released in June 2021.   It is NOT the actual air filter.  The activated charcoal has an especially high carbon content (1 inch thick 300 g/sq ft) and is proven to remove odors and volatile organic compounds from air down to 3 microns in size.  

If you purchased one of our original filters prior to June 2021 contact support for a discount code to get 25% off upgrading to this new model.

We are frequently asked how long a carbon filter will last before needing a replacement, and it just depends on how much you use your printer and the materials you are printing.  

Typically carbon filters work fine up to the point that they become saturated, and then they don't work at all.  So if you suddenly start smelling plastic and you didn't before, it's a good idea to try swapping out your filter.