3D Printer Temperature Logger - Works with Any Enclosure
3D Printer Temperature Logger - Works with Any Enclosure
3D Printer Temperature Logger - Works with Any Enclosure

3D Printer Temperature Logger - Works with Any Enclosure

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The heat is on.

As hot as blue blazes.

Like a cat on a hot tin roof.  

For serious 3D printing enthusiasts, the temperature is critical. If your aspirations include 3D printing parts that won’t melt in the back seat of a car, the first step is maintaining a constant and correct temperature in your enclosure. 

There’s nothing worse than waking up and checking a long-running 3D print only to find a pile of spaghetti or a giant blob or a piece warped out of recognition.  What went wrong and when?  The first thing to investigate, the first probable cause of the problem, is a temperature swing.  

This is where the touchscreen sensor comes in:  it logs the last 24 hours of temperatures in two different locations.  At 3D UPfitters, we use it to track the ambient temperature in our print room and compare it to the temperature inside the enclosure, but you could just as easily place two sensors inside the chamber to fine-tune your prints.  


Upcoming Features

But what good is consistent printing if your home or work environment is flooded with hazardous fumes from melting plastic?  The upcoming VOC sensor can be placed inside an enclosure, where you can wait until your filter has cleansed the air before opening the door, or outside the enclosure to monitor the effectiveness of your vent or air filter. 

The upcoming fan controller will make sure your enclosure never gets too hot again.  Simply set the filament type you're printing and the fan will kick in when the temperature gets too high.    

Product Map

As much as we'd like to enable customers to mix and match features, that creates an explosion of problems from both the software and hardware sides. Instead, we're going to include the features we think most 3D printing enthusiasts will use, and accept that some people may not be interested in everything.  

Rather than wait until every feature is added, we're going to ship new features early and often, and offer steep discounts to reflect the current progress towards the target price single product that does multi-channel temperature and VOC logging, a digital camera, fan control, and smoke detection.  Early adopters will be able to upgrade by sending us back their original hardware and paying the difference in price.  

This is what we're planning, but the feature rollout will change depending on parts availability and customer feedback.  The price will generally go up as new features are added, but we haven't settled on a price range just yet.  

 Feature Approximate Rollout
Dual-channel temperature logging The first half of April 2022
VOC Logging Q2
Fan Control Q2
Smoke Detection? Q3


The temperature sensors are on long cables that can reach the inside of the enclosure, so you can leave the touchscreen on the table outside of the enclosure and pass the sensors inside the enclosure (or leave one sensor outside for the room temperature.)  Alternatively, you can mount the touchscreen on the outside of your enclosure by drilling holes and passing the sensors into the enclosure that way.

The current design map calls for the VOC sensor to be attached through holes you drill in your enclosure on the opposite side of the touchscreen mounted on the outside.  Let us know if this is a non-starter for you! There are alternative options that wouldn't require drilling such as separate Bluetooth sensors, but that would require a lot more software development and increase the price by 30% compared to a simple wired solution.  

Download the drill template STL


  • Touchscreen
  • Dual channel temperature sensors
  • Binder clips
  • External sensor cable organizer
  • USB-C to USB-A power cable
  • Manual