Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M3 Acrylic Enclosure from 3DUPfitters
Makergear M2/M3-SE/M3-ID Enclosure Box/Case/Cover

Makergear M2/M3-SE/M3-ID Enclosure Box/Case/Cover

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3D Printer Not Included

Cheap Chinese-made 3D printers are getting ever increasingly large, so how is there room in the market for the comparatively small, expensive Ohio-made printers like the Makergear M2 and M3?  All you have to do is take a look at the quality from a print to see the difference.  At high resolution, its 3D printed parts look more like they were machined than 3D printed.  But it's not slow either, as you can reliably crank out parts quickly using normal resolutions as well, day after day, with little or no maintenance.  It’s the printer you buy when you need to get a job done, not take on a new hobby as a 3D printer repairman.  

The only thing the M2/M3 is missing is an enclosure, which is where 3D UP Fitters comes in. This enclosure box/case/cover is a second-generation design based on our experience using the printer and with feedback from the Makergear factory.  The quick-release grommet design means it's easy to install or remove the enclosure, and the side and front doors make it easy to use the printer as you normally would, only with heat retention and venting for superior quality prints with ABS, nylon, etc.

There are doors on the left and right sides for accessing the filament spools without having to remove the enclosure.  Note that the pictures are of an earlier model for the single-extruder version that only had a door on the left.  The current model is for both the single and dual extruder MakerGear M3 printers and comes standard with a front door, and left and right filament access doors.

Print Your Own 3D Parts.  Or Not.  

A lot of customers prefer to print their own connector pieces themselves. We get it: you've got a great 3D printer, and it is itching to print things. No problem! The kit includes the STLs for all 3D printed parts. Typically it takes about 48 hours to print everything you'll need with a .4mm nozzle and .2mm layer height.

On the other hand, if you purchase the optional connector kit, all parts are 3D printed in the best quality American-made ABS.  It not only will withstand the heat year after year, but it's also one of the most rigid plastics to add that will make the enclosure sturdier. We proudly use the best ABS filament you can buy from Atomic Filament in Indiana. 


The catch-22 is you need an enclosure to print ABS! If you don't already have an enclosure, you can make do with PETG. Just keep in mind that PETG is more flexible and will make the entire enclosure a little less rigid than if you had used ABS. If you still want to print your own parts, just remember that temperatures inside an enclosure will melt PLA, so you will get the best results with printing parts in a high-quality ABS.

Pro Quality American Made Acrylic

The panels are manufactured in a factory in Columbus, Ohio, and cut on an American-built industrial laser in Greensboro, NC, where it is then flat-packed for your assembly at home or work. All you need for assembly is just a hex wrench. (not included.)

Acrylic Thickness

 Model Description
All 3mm The entry-level model has all 3mm acrylic and is a great option for a hobbyist on a budget. 
6mm Front, 3mm Sides The most popular model has a 6mm front and 3mm sides.  The thicker front is a big improvement for the door. This configuration works great for customers who expect more heavy use such as libraries or schools.
All 6mm If you want to gain a couple of degrees of heat retention or intend to move your enclosure around a lot you can't go wrong with the 6mm all-around option.  



  • Outside dimensions 24.12" (Deep), 21.51" (Wide), 21.79" (Tall).   
  • 3mm or 6mm acrylic front panel with frame, doors, industrial metal hinges, magnetic latch, steel strike plates, and matching screws.
  • 3mm or 6mm acrylic sides and top. There is no bottom. The enclosure is designed to sit on a flat surface that acts as a bottom.
  • 60x60mm 12.6 CFM USB-powered fan. 3D print a cover if you don't wish to vent.
  • 140 screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and miscellaneous parts. 

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Reading the manual will save you a lot of time and hassle.