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Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
Creality CR-10 S5 Enclosure
CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit
Custom CR-10 Filament Guide
CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit

CR-10 S5 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit

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Note: The wooden version featured in many of the pics has been discontinued.  We are currently only selling the acrylic version.

If you've never seen the CR-10/CR-10 S5 (500x500x500mm) in person before, it is an enormous printer.  Its the largest bed-slinging RepRap clone you can buy, hands down.  But like all of its smaller siblings, it lacks one of the things that separates a good printer from a great printer: an enclosure.  The problem is the printer is so large, the same enclosure design that works for the result CR-10 doesn't work here.  For starters, the 1/8" acrylic isn't sturdy enough for a box that large, so we doubled its thickness to 1/4".  This, unfortunately, doubles the price of the acrylic, as well as the weight, but it is extra sturdy and durable for industrial and educational use.

Another problem is the front is no longer a convenient way to feed filament since the printer is so deep. Instead, a second side door has been added at just the right location to be convenient. 

If you've already purchased a CR-10 S5, perhaps you're aware that the heater bed only covers 300x300mm of the 500x500mm bed, and doesn't get hot enough to heat the bed high enough to print ABS, let alone heat up the enclosure.  Getting the most out of the printer/enclosure combination may require replacing the heater bed and possibly an additional heat source such as a reptile heater or other DIY solutions. 

Adding a 3D•Upfitters enclosure provides many benefits:

  • More flexibility to print different types of filaments, including ABS
  • Better quality prints because the ambient temperature is controlled
  • Fume filter to reduce smell or vent to the outside (sold separately)
  • Quieter prints
  • Sturdy, thick, high-grade acrylic doors that allow easy access to the printer bed

One unique feature of this enclosure it avoids the side slit most DIY enclosures have. While a slit is easy to design, the volume of the CR-10 is so large it can't maintain temperatures when there's a top-to-bottom hole in one side.  Instead, there is a custom-designed filament guide that gently redirects filament from the top-mount spool holder, optionally through the runout sensor included with the CR-10S, and into the extruder.  This mechanism is easily avoided if you've converted your printer to direct drive. Since many people prefer direct drive with the CR-10 design, the top comes with a slit to enable printing the full height of the printer.

Note that the kit includes our acrylic spool holder (usually sold separately).  

Not included are extended cables to allow the full travel to the very top of the printing range.  Unfortunately, the cables that come with it are too short, but there are cable extenders available all over eBay or Amazon.  

How it's Built

All of the plastic parts are 3D printed in ABS to withstand the heat from the enclosure. The panels are cut on a CNC or laser and then flat packed for your assembly.   All you need for assembly is just a hex wrench and a small Philips head screwdriver.  (not included.)


  • Outside dimensions 43" (Deep), 30" (Wide), 31" (Tall).   
  • Fits the CR-10 S5 with a build size of 500x500x500mm.
  • Acrylic front panel with frame, doors, injection-molded hinges, magnetic latch, custom-designed latch mount in ABS, steel strike plates, and matching screws.
  • 5V 80x80mm fan.  (3D print a cover if you don't wish to vent.)
  • Acrylic or furniture grade unfinished wood panels for the rest of the sides and top with access ports for cables and filament. There is no bottom.
  • A custom-designed filament guide makes sure the filament is guided smoothly from the top-mounted filament holder to the extruder.
  • 140 screws, nuts, bolts, connectors, and miscellaneous parts. 

Add-ons Sold Separately

  • 3D Printer NOT INCLUDED
  • Upgrade to an active charcoal filter and fan to reduce fumes.
  • Upgrade the plastic knob to knurled steel.
  • Put your logo on the front or sides!
  • The outside venting system will send potentially dangerous and definitely odorous fumes outside.  We supply the fan and 4" dryer hose adapter, you get the rest of the parts from your local hardware store. 
  • Interior LEDs (as pictured in the wood & acrylic version renderings) will make it easier to see prints inside the wood version.
  • Temperature gauge
  • Want something different?  Request a custom modification.

Installation Manual