Tips for 3D Printing Parts for your 3D UPfitters Enclosure

Customers have the option of printing their own parts for our enclosures, which begs the question of what are the best settings?  The main consideration is strength, but you also want the parts to look as good as possible.   We recommend ABS or ASA, but PETG will also work if you don't already have an enclosure. 

We are slowly adding the number of specific parts to print to each manual but with so many products it is taking some time.  The best way to figure out how many to print of each piece is to look at the pictures of the product online.

Slicer Settings

 Parameter Settings
Filament Type ABS, ASA, or PETG
Layer Height .2mm
Infill 15%
Fill Pattern Gyroid or 3D Honeycomb
Perimeters 3
Solid Layers 4
Supports None


Part Orientation

Corner Connectors

The corner connectors need to be set so the wavy part is on the plate.  Most kits need 4 "L" and 4 "R" connectors.  

Mid-Panel Connectors

These should be set on their side so that the layers add rather than subtract from their strength.  Most kits need between 5-9 corner connectors.  


Grommet Holders

A rubber or TPU-printed grommet (always included) needs a holder to be able to slip in and out of the panel.  Typically there is only 1 or 2 of these needed per enclosure.


Latch Mounts

These don't seem to be too sensitive to position.  Theoretically laying them flat would give the most strength but we usually just print them standing up and have never had a problem.  Most kits use 1 or 2 of either small or large latch mounts.

 Small latch mounts are shown below.  Most kits only need 1-4 of these.