Will My Order Arrive Before Christmas?

12/20 Update

We are processing all of the orders that came in last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday today.  We will get them out the door on Tuesday or Wednesday.  If I had to guess that's too late to arrive by Christmas, but you can always hope.  

Anything that comes in today will obviously not arrive by Christmas.

Holiday Hours:

Closed December 24/25
Closed December 29, 30, 31 to move to a new location.

Sorry, but orders that have not been manufactured and shipped on Dec 28th will have to wait until the first week of January.


We've all gotten used to Amazon's same-day shipping and free 2-day delivery times. While it's great on the receiving end, living up to those expectations for a small company is daunting. The enclosures are manufactured and packed by hand in Greensboro NC by 4 part-time 3D printing enthusiasts, not made in a factory overseas and stored in regional warehouses.  We don't offer free shipping since shipping to the West Coast is 3x the cost of shipping to the East Coast.  

It's easy to ship out the same day when you have the same product boxed and ready to go, but our customers tend to each want something a little different. Offering extensive customization means an explosion of variations that are impossible to stock for a small company.

Once we custom manufacture your order, the boxes then have to be delivered to your home.  But COVID has wreaked havoc on UPS and the USPS delivery schedules.  Practically nothing is arriving on time, and the number of packages being lost has gone up tremendously.  

This Year Give The Gift of Patience

If you want to purchase a gift that is guaranteed 100% to arrive before Christmas, a custom manufactured item is probably not your best option. While we'd love to be able to guarantee your order will arrive on time, the best we can do is continue doing we can to process orders as quickly as possible. Typically it can take 5 business days to custom manufacture and hand pack an enclosure, but will the added sales volumes of Christmas that could run longer.  

If you order on or before Dec 10th, we probably can get your order out the door and shipped in time before Christmas, but that is just a guess. We have no idea how backed up UPS will be.  We have no idea if one of us will get sick next week, or if the laser will go on the fritz, or a shipment of fans will get stuck in customs, or the last shipment of acrylic will have scratches, etc.  

If there's one thing I wish for everyone this year, it's that our holidays will have less stress and more caring.  With so many of us or our relatives and friends suffering from chronic health issues or out of work, its a good opportunity to reflect on everything we do have, to be thankful for the people who bring us joy in our lives.  

Happy Holidays,

Michael Czeiszperger, Founder
3D UPFitters LLC