COVID Status

Unfortunately this year Santa brought COVID exposure along with presents, and like many Americans we are having to get tested and quarantine. With a tiny company, even one person having to quarantine or recover puts a dent in our ability to keep up with demanding production schedules.  Those of us who have not been exposed are working extra hours to try and keep up our normal production schedules.

The same goes for our supply chain, with items being stuck in customs longer than normal and a new post-Christmas acrylic shortage.  

As you may know, the huge number of options in our product line makes it impossible for us to keep an inventory.  When you order online the item goes into our production queue, which is now slowed down.  On top of that we were scheduled to move into an actual office space on December 29, 30, and 31, but there may not be staff available to actually make that happen.

We've all gotten used to Amazon's same-day shipping, but those are for products that are made ahead of time with no customization.   With the exception of completely custom items, we're now processing orders made about 5 business days ago.    


Happy Holidays, and I hope you and yours are happy and healthy.  

Michael Czeiszperger, Founder
3D UPFitters LLC