Shipping and Discounts

Shipping outside of the United States

Sorry, but we only ship full kits to North America:  the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Unfortunately between the high shipping costs of sending what amounts to very heavy furniture, import duties, and trade wars with other countries it was impossible to give a good customer experience.  Often shipments would get stuck in customs for long periods of time, broken, or simply lost.

What we can do for you is send you all of the parts except for the acrylic.  Each kit includes all of the nuts, bolts, screws, connectors, handles, etc. and manual needed to build an enclosure.  You just take the design files to a local CNC shop and they will cut the panels locally.

3D Printer Enclosure:  Everything but the Acrylic 

Taxes and Import Duties

Please understand we are a  tiny company and are not able to collect international import duties. This means you'll have to pay your own import duties before delivery can take place. On top of that COVID-19 has meant much longer delays for customs inspections.   

How much will you owe?  

We have absolutely no idea. The political situation regarding trade agreements with the US and other countries is changing rapidly making it impossible to predict on a day-to-day basis.

Will 3D Up Fitters pay taxes for you?

Sorry, but the buyer is responsible for paying local taxes, if any.  If paying import taxes is a hardship please do not order. 

Can 3D UP Fitters Make Customs in my Country Inspect the Package Faster?

If your order gets stuck in customs in your country we have no control over when and if it would get released. We are sorry your package was delayed, but we have no influence with the customs offices in any countries.