CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure
CR-10 Pro Enclosure

CR-10S Pro V1 & V2 Acrylic Enclosure Case Box Tent Cover Kit

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This enclosure is for the CR-10S Pro, both the original and V2 versions. It does not fit any of the other CR-10 models such as the CR-10S4, CR-10S5, CRX, etc. Please see the product listing for other CR-10 models.

The CR-10S Pro is a big departure from its cheaper cousin, the CR-10S. While it adds cool features like automatic bed leveling and an integrated touch screen, moving the electronics into the base makes it difficult to enclose.  If you just stick it in a big box the electronics are going to get very hot. The metal 3D printer base already has a 40mm fan, but when enclosed, the fan just circulates hot air.

This lightweight enclosure was designed to be worthy of the CR-10S Pro by adding a couple of unique features. First, it adds an 80mm electronics cooling fan. The fan pulls fresh air through the electronics case's vents and out the back without affecting the hot air inside the enclosure.  As a result, the electronics are kept about the same as when the printer wasn't enclosed at all. The vents also provide easy outside access to the power switch and card reader.  

The chart below shows the relationship between the bed temperature and the temperature inside the electronics case.  (NOT the temperature surrounding the print itself.)   The hot end was at a constant temperature of 220C. 

Changing filament has never been easier because of the split side doors. Just open the doors wide to access the extruder, and when shut they leave just enough room for the filament to move up and down with the extruder. The filament spool (not included) can either be placed to the left or on top of the enclosure.

The scooped front door makes it easy to remove parts and the removable bed.

Adding a 3D Upfitters enclosure provides many other benefits:

  • More flexibility to print different types of filaments, including ABS
  • Better quality prints because the ambient temperature is controlled
  • Fume filter to reduce smell or vent to the outside (sold separately)
  • Quieter prints
  • Sturdy, thick, high-grade acrylic that allows easy access to the printer bed

3D Print Your Own Connector Pieces.  Or Not.

A lot of customers prefer to print their own connector pieces themselves. We get it: you've got a great 3D printer, and it is itching to print things. No problem! The kit includes the STLs for all 3D printed parts. Typically it takes about 48 hours to print everything you'll need with a .4mm nozzle and .2mm layer height.

On the other hand, if you purchase the optional connector kit, all parts are 3D printed in the best quality American-made ABS. It not only will withstand the heat year after year, but it's also one of the most rigid plastics to add that will make the enclosure sturdier. We proudly use the best ABS filament you can buy from Atomic Filament in Indiana. 


If you still want to print your own parts, just remember that temperatures inside an enclosure will melt PLA, so you will get the best results with printing parts in a high-quality ABS. The catch-22 is you need an enclosure to print ABS! If you don't already have an enclosure, you can make do with PETG. Just keep in mind that PETG is more flexible and will make the entire enclosure less rigid than if you had used ABS.

Pro Quality American Made Acrylic

The panels are made in a factory in Columbus, Ohio and cut on an American-built industrial laser, and then flat-packed for your assembly.  All you need for assembly is just a hex wrench and a small Philips head screwdriver.  (not included.)

Acrylic Thickness

 Model Description
All 3mm The entry-level model has all 3mm acrylic and is a great option for a hobbyist or someone new to 3D printing.  The 3mm front door is a bit flimsy but is completely functional, and what the competition is shipping.
6mm Front and Top, 3mm Sides The 6mm front really makes a sturdier door, and if you want to store items on top of the enclosure then the 6mm top upgrade is a good idea.  This is the configuration we use in our print farm. This configuration works great for customers who expect more heavy use such as libraries or schools.
All 6mm If you want to gain a couple of degrees of heat retention or intend to move your enclosure around a lot you can't go wrong with the 6mm all-around option.  


  • Outside dimensions 27" (Deep), 20" (Wide), 26" (Tall).   
  • Fits the CR-10/10S Pro NOT the S4 or S5 versions.
  • Acrylic front panel with frame, doors, injection-molded hinges, magnetic latch, custom-designed latch mount in ABS, steel strike plates, and matching screws.
  • 3mm Acrylic for the rest of the sides and top with access ports for cables and filament.
  • 5V USB-powered 80x80mm fan.  (3D print a cover if you don't wish to vent.)
  • There is no bottom. The enclosure is designed to sit on a flat surface that acts as a bottom.
  • Custom-designed vents for the sides and back.
  • 140 screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and miscellaneous parts. 

Add-ons Sold Separately

  • 3D printed parts
  • Acrylic spool holder
  • Temperature gauge
  • Upgrade to an active charcoal filter and fan to reduce fumes.
  • Upgrade the plastic knob to knurled steel.
  • Put your logo on the front or sides!
  • The outside venting system will send potentially dangerous and definitely odorous fumes outside.  We supply the fan and 4" dryer hose adapter, you get the rest of the parts from your local hardware store. 
  • Interior LEDs (as pictured in the wood & acrylic version renderings) will make it easier to see prints inside the wood version.
  • Want something different?  Request a custom modification.

Note to buyers outside the US:  You may owe import duties on any items you purchase from us.  3DUpfitters is not responsible for any charges from your government relating to your purchase.

Are you daring enough to read the Installation Manual?