The CR-10S Enclosure gets Big Improvements

Our all acrylic enclosure for the CR-10S has been a big hit.  We've been using that same enclosure for over a year now, and its worked great, but there have been these nagging thoughts that it could be even better.  Not that these changes were all our ideas; customers send us in suggestions every day and we love being able to take ideas and quickly put them in production.  Being a small company and only keeping a small number of items in stock means we can make a change one day, test it in our lab the next, and immediately put it into production.

Improvement #1:  A Side Door

The original design had no side door, and while there were good reasons not to have one, heat retention and simplicity being just two, many people wanted to have easier access to the extruder from the side.   The side door design from the CR-10S Pro enclosure was copied for the CR-10S, so now you can just open one of the two doors to load filament in the extruder.  The two doors don't quite meet in the middle, so that slit allows the extruder gantry to move freely up and down.

Improvement #2: Easier to Remove

While having the electronics outside the case is great for heat management, it made moving the enclosure/printer combo difficult.  The new CR-10S enclosure instead has a sliding cable management system so you never have to disconnect cables, even for the initial installation.  

Here's the grommet frame, which features a slit.  You just twist the frame and slide the existing cables into it one by one.  The hole is then stopped up by a rubber grommet, which also has a slit.  It keeps the heat it, and when it comes time to move the enclosure, the whole unit slips out of the acrylic.

Improvement #3:  Optional Top Slit

The previous top had a slit to accommodate a direct extruder modification, but as it turned out very few people had any plans for this. The top now has solid except for corner holes, while the slit is still available upon request.

Improvement #4: Spool Holder Included

The original enclosure didn't include a spool holder because given there are so many out there already, we figured everyone already had a favorite design.  As it turned out, our all-acrylic spool holder works so well it just made more sense to include it and ensure everyone had a usable enclosure right out of the box.