Taz6 3D Printer Prototype

We got a special request to outfit some Taz6 printers at a printing service business, and so set out to make something that fit their requirements.  The main requirement was to make the front door swing upward, to minimize the side-to-side space requirements in a printing service with lots of printers.   This allows as many printers with enclosures to fit as possible in a small space.

To do this required some research on hinges, but I found one that will allow the door to swing up and stay up.  Its an expensive hinge, but worth it if you want something that will work well and last for years.

The other unique feature is its designed to lose as little heat as possible, fitting closely around the electronics tower on the left.  

The prototype has been cut and is being tested for fit this week, so stay tuned of you have a Taz6.