Redesigned Taz6 Left Side

We've gotten some awesome feedback from Taz6 enclosure customers. In fact, customers who already own an enclosure from a competitor are ditching it to buy ours. Ours is easier to install, but more importantly has a better design, enclosing the entire interior part of the printer while still having a 6mm front door that lifts straight up.  Now you can put multiple Taz6s side by side and still open the door without blocking the printers on either side.

But there was one issue with the old Taz6 that could be improved: after feedback from customers we redesigned the left part of the Taz6 enclosure to be easier to install and sturdier.  Instead of acrylic tabs, there's a nice solid 3D printed piece in ABS to connect the left front to the left back. As before, the power supply and electronics are kept out of the enclosure to provide the longest life.

LulzBot Taz6 Enclosure Left Side

All units currently on order will be shipped with the new design.  If you have the old design and want to upgrade you can do that online.