Prusa's New Power Supply Design and 3D Printer Enclosure Changes

Yeah, I know.  There's probably nothing more boring than following a 3D manufacturer's choice of power supply.  But it effects our enclosures, and it effects our customers, so here's the scoop:  Prusa randomly started shipping a new power supply that's slightly shorter and has the power supply on the back instead of the side!  You can tell the difference between them easily because the old supply is silver, and the new one is black.  

Unfortunately its a challenge for us since our Prusa enclosures depend on having the power supply vent in the right spot, and of course everyone wants to be able to run the power cord and actually plug in the printer.   

You'd think Prusa would have made the switch with the new MK3S model, but no.  We purchase about a printer a month just to keep up on the latest design changes, and they first shipped the MK3S with the old power supply (silver), and then switched, so its impossible to tell which power supply you have by the model number.

When you throw in the upcoming MMU2 version of the enclosure, and all of the previous Prusa printers out there, if handled poorly there could be an explosion of models to stock.  Our solution is simple:  all enclosures will come with two extra bits to make sure that no matter what power supply you have the enclosure will fit with one basic design for the right side.

First is an extra grommet hole.  If you have the new power supply (black) the power cable will go through there.  If you don't, now there's an extra exit point for cables should you need them.

The other change was more problematic:  the new black power supply is 10mm too high.   Not only did Prusa swap out power supplies but they also changed the location too.   The solution there is a "gap filler", shown below in a light color so you can see what it looks like more easily in context.  The production version will be black like all of the other plastic parts.

So, if you have the old power supply (silver) everything would work as is. If you have the new power supply (black) just run the cord through the hole and use the gap filler to plug the gap.  It'll look like this when you get it: