Prusa (or similarly sized 3D printer) Cart Prototype

Our current enclosure design works very well if the 3D printer is on a table, but many of our customers are schools and businesses that need a solution that makes it easy to move the printer from one room to another.


For them, we designed the first ever integrated 3D printer enclosure and cart.   Combining the two reduces costs, and allows the air filtration and power management to be integrated into the cart itself.  This doesn't just look cool, it also hides wires and parts from prying hands and makes it easier to move.

The air filtration is designed to work either standalone in the middle of the room using a hidden carbon filter, or attached to a window vent for maximum air quality.   The storage area underneath hides the power supply, air filter, and provides plenty of room to stash spools of filaments and other equipment.

Another cool feature is the lighting: 4 LED strips focused on the printer so everyone in the room to see it working.

We're currently fine-tuning the prototype and will be posting real life pictures very soon.