New Temp Gauge Design

It used to be that we designed a separate temp gauge holder for each enclosure type.  There were good reasons for that, since despite being boxes, the dimensions of the sides differed, so you couldn't just take a holder for one enclosure and make it fit right on another.

The problem with that is we're adding more enclosures every month, and the number of different temp gauge mounts was getting too large to manage.  Instead, we made some small tweaks to the enclosures so that they all can support a new "universal" temp gauge, shown here.   The next few enclosures shipping the first week in April will still get the old ones, but after that all orders for a temp gauge will receive the new design.  It only fits in the top left corner, but as all enclosures will have a top-left corner of a minimum size, this means it will work will all of them.

Note that this does NOT include the Folgertech FT-5 enclosure.  That printer is still completely different and has its own.