New Acrylic Filament Spool Holder Ships

There must be hundreds of spool holders on Thingiverse. I tried a half-dozen of them before giving up. Some only worked for a single spool width or spool size. Others broke after about a week. Still others were complicated to make and required bearings that had to be perfectly adjusted to work.

So I set out to design a spool holder with the following characteristics:

* Must work with 99% of spool sizes and widths. (Up to and including 2.5Kg spools.)

* Must be reliable for 24/7 use.

* Must look cool.

The result is an all-acrylic spool holder that fits in perfectly with the design of our CR-10 acrylic 3D printer enclosures, and can take a beating while holding the heavy 2.5Kg spools we use in production. Nothing to wear out, nothing to adjust, just a simple rod holding up a spool of filament.

Although this was designed specifically for our CR-10 enclosures, they should work on any top mounted enclosure for any printer, or you could put it on a shelf above the printer.