Mount Stuff on Your Enclosure with new Customer Bracket Design

Thanks to a recent customer, Joel Wigton, we changed the design of our brackets.  He needed to suspend this fire suppression device from the top of the enclosure, so he designed this zip tie modification to the standard mid-panel bracket, and then generously made the Fusion360 design and STL files available. 

The next time you want to mount a camera, temperature sensor or light from the top of one of 3D UP Fitters enclosures just print one of these. 

We liked the idea so much this feature will be incorporated into future designs showing up around October when we roll out the final models for the Christmas season. In the meantime, previous customers can download and print the above as needed.

Not only did we modify the mid-panel brackets, but the corners as well.  Here's a prototype of the corner with zip tie mount:

Thanks Joel!