Knobs, Knobs, Knobs

Why bother with designing a new knob when there are thousands of knob designs already out there?  We don't just make enclosures, we use them every day and get these urges to make them just that little bit better.  While the old generic plastic knob worked just fine, we set out to see if we could top it.

After a few random attempts such as a Devo inspired knob and a basic spiral design, we hit upon a more ergonomic shapeL

  • The left side of the knob fits your thumb and forefinger perfectly when opening or closing the doors.
  • The ridges on the top are meant to echo the design aesthetic of the curved corner connectors.
  • The embedded nut hides the ugliest part of the screw and makes for a polished look on your door.  (If you're left-handed just twist it 180 degrees and it works just as well the other way.)  
  • The knob position was moved just a little to the left so that people with average sized hands can more easily open the door with just one hand.  

The new 3D printed plastic knob design will be included with all new shipping enclosures as part of the basic kits.  We looked into having them machined out of steel, but that was unfortunately prohibitively expensive.

While the new knob design is sturdy, its still plastic.  If you need something sturdier, we still love the industrial look and durability of these knurled steel knobs. If you are a school or a business where you expect a lot of daily opening and closing this is a worthy upgrade.