Introducing an All Acrylic Enclosure for the Artillery Sidewinder X1

For all of you Artillery Sidewinder X1 fans out there, we just finished testing the enclosure. The stock spool holder was great, so we designed a mount for it and the filament runout sensor. There's also a front vent to bring in cool air and keep the electronics cool while retaining heat inside the enclosure.

Watch the smoke get sucked into the air intake, and then exit through the vent in the front, which keeps up a continuous stream of cool air inside the case.


We've been using the enclosure for the past week and its been working great for both PLA and ABS.  The one caveat on the ABS is the max bed temperature is 80C, which is kind of low for ABS.  It may stick to the bed, which is excellent, but because the printer is so tall, the ambient temperature won't get up to the ideal range for ABS.   This is a limitation of all printers of this design, especially the CR-10.   If you really want to print ABS we recommend upgrading the bed heater and running at 120C, which will promote better bed adhesion and heat up the enclosure.