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How to clean your acrylic 3D printer enclosure

Just like windows, your transparent acrylic 3D printer enclosure can get dirty over time.  You may be tempted to use Windex or some other glass cleaner, but the chemicals do not work on acrylic and can be quite difficult to remove.  

Here are a few tips:

  • Use a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Use light pressure to avoid scratches.
  • Try using just water first
  • If you must use soap try a weak mixture of water and mild hand soap with no moisturizers

Try using just a microfiber cloth and water to remove the fingerprints and dirt. If that doesn't work try dipping the cloth in a mixture of a very weak mixture of soap and water.  Mild hand soap with no moisturizer works best.  Do not use dish soap with often contains abrasives that will scratch the acrylic.

When you're done cleaning use the dry part of the cloth to mop up the soap and water; do not use paper towels to avoid small scratches.

That should be enough to keep your enclosure clean.  Note that if you don't keep the fan running, all of the particles that would have ended up in your lungs without an enclosure will coat the insides.   This can add up over time, but won't harm the acrylic if you decide not to keep it clean.