Ender 5 Plus Settings for Simplify3D

At 3DUPfitters we are big fans of Simplify3D, but sometimes they don't always publish a profile for your printer.  (Or one that's not so great.)

In order to test our new enclosure for the Ender 5 Plus we needed to get some ballpark settings for Simplify3D, and there wasn't much out there.  We started with the Ender 5 settings, and then modified them for the Bowden design of the Plus.

The resulting Ender 5 Plus Simplify3D FFF settings have been working well.  The main thing we did was change the retraction to 5mm because of the Bowden.  At least one person online was using 6mm, but we've found that is too much for the Creality hot end design and can lead to clogging.  

Let us know how this works for you!