Ender 3 Enclosure Refresh

One of the advantages of small scale just-in-time manufacturing is we're able to make immediate changes to the product line based on customer feedback.   Instead of farming out production to a big factory and ordering 1,000 of a product, we only keep a couple in stock, which allows us to take customer suggestions and immediately get those into the field.

Case in point: a customer noticed it was easier to access the Ender 3 control panel if the door opened from the right instead of the left.  You know what?  That was exactly right.  The live product photos for the Ender 3 are now out of date, but the rendered product images now reflect the door opens from the right.

Thanks for the suggestion, and keep 'em coming.  We make changes like this every week so that the enclosure you get has everything in just the right place.