COVID-19 Shipping Status

7/26/2020 Update

Right now we have all products in stock and everything is shipping normally.  We typically ship your orders in 1-3 business days, although the delivery performance from some carriers has been erratic. 

6/8/2020 Update

As of this week we have everything in stock but carts, which are waiting on some minor parts before we can start building the kits again.  Acrylic supplies have continued to be less than normal, but we've gotten large amounts in recently and continue to work six days a week to catch up with the pent up demand. 

Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order.

5/18/2020 Update

We are up and running again, working six days a week to get back on track.  While we now have access to the production facility wearing masks and we have enough acrylic and filament, there was a 30-day period where we couldn't produce any inventory so there's a huge amount of work to do.

The staggered rollout is continuing, with the first two enclosures on the list below being produced in quantity. If you signed up for an "in-stock notice" you should have gotten an email and been able to purchase online if desired.  

The result has been an unusually large volume of sales, and we're working extra long days to get everything shipped as quickly as possible.  Please bear with us as we try and catch up in this unprecedented situation.

5/12/2020 Status

Good news everyone!  A big order of acrylic came in yesterday, and another one is expected today.  This means we're on a path to resume normal manufacturing, trying to figure out social distancing in our production and packaging facility.

The biggest complaint customers have had is they get a notice and the items are already sold out.  To mitigate this we'll be tackling one model at a time, and making enough to satisfy everyone who's signed up prior to sending the notifications. 

The tentative production order is:

  1. Prusa MMU2
  2. Ender 5 Plus
  3. Small 3D Printer Cart
  4. CR-10S
  5. Ender 3
  6. Makergear
  7. CR-10 S5, S4
  8. CRX

Thanks for your patience!  We're working extra hard to fullfil all  orders as fast as we can 

4/28/2020 Status

We've been busy cranking out CAPR face shields for our local hospital for the past week. They greatly prefer these over the passive N95 masks since they don't have to be smashed on your face, and the positive air pressure is really effective.

This week we ran out of the last of our acrylic stock. Have you noticed some retail stores are adding clear acrylic shields in their checkout lanes?  That's the same plastic we use to make enclosures, and this trend has used up every bit of acrylic in the United States.  The acrylic factory in Ohio is now working three shifts to crank it out 24/7, but is still giving lead times of 1-2 weeks before we can get a delivery.  

But if you want to know when items will be available all you have to do is click on the  Notify When Available button and you'll get an email when product is available.  

4/1/2020 Status

Like many people in the 3D printing industry, we’re busy printing face shields for our local hospitals in preparation for when the pandemic surges in our area. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s all we can do.

Unfortunately, the facility with the heavy equipment needed to make more enclosures was shuttered along with other-nonessential businesses. Usually, if someone ordered something that was out of stock, we'd just make more. Now we have to wait until Greensboro, NC, lifts the ban.  

We do not know when the ban on non-essential businesses will be lifted, but if you sign up for notice you'll be the first to know when we can start cutting acrylic again.  As of 4/21/2020 it looks like we'll be getting access sometime in the next two weeks, but that's not official yet.


Stay well everyone,

Michael Czeiszperger, Founder