Customized 3D Printers and Enclosures

Most people don't customize their 3D printers, and thus 3D UP Fitters enclosures are designed to work with the stock configuration and as few modifications as possible.

Even so, many people still modify their printers. Those who purchase a Bowden feed printer change it to direct drive. People who have a direct drive 3D printer change it to Bowden. Or they are buying one of the many online kits that make a printer wider, or taller, or faster, or just better.

3D UP Fitters is happy to support you, but we have no way of knowing what modifications you've chosen. No matter what they say on social media, "everyone" is not doing the same improvements.

Since you've modified your printer, you are more than welcome to alter the enclosure as well. Drilling holes isn't too dangerous if you tape both sides and drill very slowly. But the safest thing to do is drop us a line and see if there's something we can do to improve your enclosure for your intended use case. For example, if you're planning on storing heavy things on top, you might want us to reinforce that area. Or add a custom hole for your dry box.

Here's just a few things which may require some enclosure modifications:

  • Feeding filament from a dry box
  • Altering the location of the filament spool
  • Changing the hot end from Bowden to direct or vice-versa
  • Making the printer wider, deeper, or taller

Note: Having us custom cut parts for you is an additional charge.