Customer Solutions for Paving Stones

The 3DUPfitters enclosures work by carefully aligning vents to bring cool air from outside of the enclosure to electronics and power supplies.  This makes supporting randomly sized paving stones an issue.  Despite our research into the effectiveness of paving stones, they remain a popular YouTube staple.

Custom Vent

One option is to have us custom design something to fit your exact setup, but if you're handy like many of our customers, a better solution is to custom modify the vents.  That is exactly what Martin at Distinctive Makes did:

Because each paver stone is different, the author has thoughtfully included all of the design files so you can tweak it to your heart's content.

Custom Riser

Another customer "fluffysucculent" took a different approach and simply printed a riser the same height as the paver stone.  This might be easier to deal with if the enclosure has more than one vent, although it too would need to be modified for the exact height of your paver.