3DUP Customer Spotlight: Carpokes.com

Tom M'Guinness runs the website http://carpokes.com, the "Friendly Porsche Forum", where he both provides STLs for Porsche engine fixes and ships out cool 3D printed Porsche after-market stuff.  

Using a 3DUPfitters enclosure allows him to print ABS that's durable enough to work every day in a car.

"I've sold hundreds of 3D-printed license plate mounts for various Porsche models.  These feature heat-set metal threads and 3M Molding Tape to hold them in place. Demand got to be so high, that I now have the standard black mounts CNC'd out of solid ABS, but still print them in special colors for people who want color-matched mounts."

"More recently, I've been printing (and painting) slip-on bezel covers for various gauges and knobs on the modern Porsches (992, Taycan, etc.).   These are done on a Form 3 resin printer, whereas the others are done on a TAZ 6 FDM printer.  I can't make these nearly fast enough to keep up, due primarily to the painting required, but they are quite popular. "


But what's even cooler is this water pump thread repair jig.   As you may know, it's really easy to strip threads on an aluminum engine block, and much harder to tap new threads.  I really wish I had one of these jigs to fix the threads on my 2003 Subaru WRX!