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Acrylic Enclosure/Box Kit for Qidi X-Plus
Acrylic Enclosure/Box Kit for Qidi X-Plus

Acrylic Enclosure/Box Kit for Qidi X-Plus

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This enclosure box is specifically for the stock Qidi  X-Plus 3D printer.  

Qidi has staked out a solid market niche in 3D printing delivering near-production quality printers at consumer prices. While the enclosed design makes it a solid choice for people wanting to print temperature sensitive materials like ABS or nylon, we've been contacted by people who are particularly worried about air quality to design an extra layer of air filtration.

This enclosure was designed for an enhanced level of air flow, with large vents in the front that carry air away from the operator and towards a side mounted air vent in back.  The large double doors in front make it easy to access the top of the printer to change filament or interact with the display/controller.

The all 6mm version is shown in the pictures, but the default 6mm front, 3mm side version will work fine for most use cases.

How it's Built

All of the plastic parts are 3D printed in ABS to withstand the heat from the enclosure. The panels are cut on a US-made industrial laser and then flat-packed for your assembly.   All you need for assembly is just a hex wrench and a small Phillips head screwdriver.  (not included.)

Acrylic Thickness

The base enclosure has a 6mm front and 3mm sides.  This configuration has been in production for years and works fine for hobby use with 1Kg filament spools.

If you want to store things on top of the enclosure then the 6mm top upgrade is a good idea.  This is the configuration we use in our print farm and it works great.

If you want to gain a couple of degrees of heat retention or intend to move your enclosure around a lot you can't go wrong with the 6mm all-around option.  Note that if you choose that option you don't also have to purchase the 6mm top upgrade.  

What's Included

  • Enclosure Dimensions: 28" (Deep), 28" (Wide), 30" (Tall), 13 lbs. 
  • Fits the standard Qidi X-Plus 3D printer
  • Acrylic front panel with frame, doors, injection-molded hinges, magnetic latch, custom-designed latch mount in ABS, steel strike plates, and matching screws.
  • Acrylic sides and top with access ports for cables and filament.
  • There is no bottom. The enclosure is designed to sit on a flat surface that acts as a bottom.
  • 80x80mm 12.6 CFM USB-powered fan.  3D print a cover if you don't wish to vent.  (USB power supply not included.)
  • One hundred forty screws, nuts, bolts, all connecting plastic pieces, and miscellaneous parts. 

 Installation Manual