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6mm Large Top Upgrade - Valid with Enclosure in Shopping Cart

6mm Large Top Upgrade - Valid with Enclosure in Shopping Cart

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Note:  This item is an option when purchasing a new enclosure.  If you already have an enclosure you need to purchase a separate replacement panel.  The reason is shipping.  It costs as much to ship a replacement panel as the entire kit of panels.   

The standard enclosures come with a 3mm top, which works well for the standard use case:  holding a single 1Kg filament roll.  

But what if you want to use a 3Kg roll or store equipment on top?

The enclosures have support bars that are pretty sturdy since we've tested them for years in our print farm.  While they can take extra weight in the short term, what happens over time is the repeated heating and cooling of the acrylic with extra weight on top can cause cracking after years of use.  

If you do want to place anything other than a single 1Kg roll please consider upgrading to a 6mm panel.  

Adding this item to your cart along with an enclosure will automatically upgrade the top for any enclosure to be double thick.

This item is for large enclosures such as the Artillery, CR-10, Ender 5 Plus, etc.   

Top upgrades are custom items and will increase shipping time by approximately 4 business days.