Shipping and Discounts

Longer than Normal Delivery Times

Update: Sep 1

Everything is up and running again.  We are currently fulfilling orders that were made 7 days ago and catching up rapidly.  The goal is to get back to our normal 2-3 day fulfillment times by the end of the week.

Update: August 26

The last part we needed, a new power supply, arrived around lunch, and was installed immediately.  The laser is now cutting, but needs to be aligned before we can get the perfect cuts for everyone's enclosures. That should take about an hour, and then we can get started on the oldest orders today!   Staff is prepared to work evenings and Saturday and Sunday to get caught up.  Realistically though, it'll be the end of next week before everything's boxed and on the UPS truck.

Thank you so much for your understanding.  We have been sweating bullets as this repair process dragged on and anxious to get back to shipping everyone's orders. 


Update: August 24, 2021

We are sorry to announce that outstanding orders have been delayed because the laser has been out of commission.  While we do keep inventory of the most popular items, these quickly shipped leaving remaining orders one or more panels short.

With the tube for this industrial laser running $4,500, it was a little difficult to keep one sitting around waiting for the first tube to burn out.  Replacing it turned out to be somewhat of an ordeal, with extra parts to order, and many calls to tech. support.  We had reason to believe that the fix was easy, that the part that got here last week would fix things, but real life proved to be more complicated.

The latest delay is we were promised that a new power supply would be delivered today, and that has been delayed until Thursday.  The plan is to get the supply installed and work through the weekend to get everyone's order cut as soon as possible.  

We apologize for the delay in shipping--  if anyone wishes the cancel their order please contact support.