International Buyers Please Read

International Shipping and Import Duties

Due to repeated customer requests we are now selling enclosures outside of the United States.  This is difficult for several reasons: the size of the package and the weight are one problem, but the most daunting task is how to handle taxes.  Since enclosures are as large and heavy as small pieces of furniture, the shipping prices as well as the import duties tend to be high compared to the purchase price.

As a tiny company we are unable to collect international import duties. If you reside outside of the US your country may tax your purchase, which you'll have to pay before delivery can take place.  

Depending on the country this fee could be very large.  On top of that COVID-19 has meant much longer delays for customs inspections.   

How much will you owe?  

We have absolutely no idea. The political situation regarding trade agreements with the US and other countries is changing rapidly making it impossible to predict on a day-to-day basis.

Will 3D Upfitters pay taxes for you?

Sorry, but the buyer is responsible for paying local taxes, if any.  If paying import taxes is a hardship please do not order. 

COVID-19 has put another twist on shipping overseas.  Different countries have been affected in different ways, and we've had reports that customs inspections are taking way longer than normal.  For example, a shipment to Greece took two months to both get through customs in both the US and Greece. 

If your order gets stuck in customs in your country we have no control over when and if it would get released.

We are sorry about this state of affairs, but we have no influence with the customs offices in foreign countries, let alone the US customs office.   


  • Hi Nate— Yes, believe or not the rates you see are the best we can find anywhere. As explained, the enclosures are big and heavy. If you think you can find a better deal go right ahead. The box for the CR-10 Pro is 36.5 × 30.5 × 5 in, and the entire thing weighs around 30 pounds.

    Michael Czeiszperger
  • Hi,

    I am looking to purchase one of these:

    CR-10S Pro V1 & V2 Acrylic Enclosure Case Kit

    The shipping to Australia is almos the price of the unit. Is that really the best rate we can get? Would it be possible to organise my own shipping and the unit is just picked up from you?

    If so, could you please text me package dimensions and weight?



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