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Buying from 3DUPfitters outside of the United States

Summary:  If you reside outside of the US your country may put a VAT tax or import duty on the item, and you'll have to pay before taking receipt of your purchase.

We are now experimenting with selling enclosures outside of the United States.  This is difficult for several reasons: the size of the packages and the weight are one thing, but the most daunting task is how to handle taxes.  Since enclosures are as large and heavy as small pieces of furniture, the shipping prices tend to be steep.

People are used to purchasing online and having their local taxes collected, but since we are a small company, there are no requirements for us to collect and then pay taxes to every country where a customer resides.  Even if we wanted to collect taxes for you, each province in each country has its own tax laws, and it would be impossible to keep up with all of that.  

How much will you owe?  

We have absolutely no idea.  

We are sorry about this state of affairs, but until someone solves the problem of how to ship internationally while collecting and paying sales taxes, as a small company this is the best we can do.   

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